Partner Spotlight: University of Florida

Bringing noble endeavors to life

What we did
  • Discovery
  • Naming
  • Verbal Identity
  • Visual Identity
  • Website

One of our greatest passions at Parisleaf is using our vision, knowledge, insights, and experience to reach the heart of your brand and guide you towards visibility.  Over the years, we’ve partnered with the University of Florida to bring their Purpose to life in the community, on campus, and on the web.

Check out some of the brands we’ve designed and developed in partnership with the University of Florida.

UF Amplified Intelligence

UF launched an initiative to fundamentally change lives in advancing society and trusted Parisleaf to help brand this noble endeavor.

UF launched the Amplified Intelligence initiative to advance and apply an Artificial Intelligence and Data Science Ecosystem across the university enterprise as a fundamental part of their academic pursuit. In preparation to launch their initiative, the University of Florida turned to Parisleaf to create a successful identity empowering UF to better fulfill its mission.  Our team was overjoyed at the opportunity to help partner on such a profound and significant milestone for the University of Florida, and to collaborate with the first major research university system to infuse AI and data science across their entire curriculum. 

Our team strove to embody the intersection of both human and machine working in tandem to empower greater outcomes for our future. We proposed a visual identity that works within the greater UF brand and remained flexible enough to set itself apart from other university initiatives. By visually marrying imagery both data-infused and human-inspired, we captured the essence of UF’s Amplified Intelligence initiative. Ultimately, the brand represents the amplification of collaboration – between students, staff, researchers, health care providers, elected leaders, alumni, community members, friends, and data.


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University of Florida Foundation

Going further, going higher, going greater

The University of Florida Foundation engages alumni and organizations to advance the university’s mission through charitable donations. Donors were having trouble navigating the 6,000+ funds on the Foundation’s website, and online engagement was poor. The UF Foundation came to Parisleaf to reinvigorate their website, encourage online donations, and rethink the user experience behind that process. In addition, UF Advancement’s brand identity needed refinement in order to jell with the many other University websites – and perhaps even set a new standard for how UF websites should look and function.

We also created a dashboard that allows advancement staff to create fully custom engagement packages for specific donors. These include stories and funds that align with each donor’s philanthropic interests.

Within two weeks of launch, site traffic grew significantly. The Advancement website’s strongest two weeks are typically December 18 through December 31. In December 18–31, 2016, the old site saw 23,577 page views and 17,804 unique page views. In just the first two weeks after the new website launched, there were 33,792 page views and 26,369 unique page views. We’re on track to have over 400,000 total page views in the first year.

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UF Brain Tumor Summit

Imagining a world where brain cancer is a comma, not a full stop.

Today, brain cancer remains a death sentence for most patients. Dr. Duane Mitchell and his colleagues at the UF McKnight Brain Institute believe that, based on recent clinical trials, within the next ten years we could see an increase in brain cancer survival from less than 10% to at least 50%.

Recognizing the need for collaboration across disciplines and across institutions, Dr. Mitchell set out to create a yearly summit that would gather the brightest brain tumor researchers and philanthropists around a common ambition to eradicate brain cancer.

The University of Florida Foundation commissioned Parisleaf to create a brand narrative, a name, and a visual identity for this event – a summit which will hopefully be the first of many, and the annual checkpoint for the real work that will happen year by year.

After the verbal identity was established we proposed two concepts for the name and visual identity: ReMission Summit and Matter Summit. As it turns out, doctors almost never use the word remission when discussing brain cancer because it so rarely happens. In light of that, the name ReMission offers its own built-in challenge. Our decision was easy.

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Innovation Hub at UF

They help startups become businesses.  We helped their business become a brand.

The University of Florida’s Innovation Hub was busily developing a steady line of high powered, viable startup companies, many of whom go on to great success. Graduates and Residents spoke about the power of mentorship, endless opportunities for growth, and the inspiration that comes from proximity to other brilliant minds. Meanwhile, the Gainesville community was perplexed by the Hub’s purpose. What goes on in that monolithic building? Is it a UF research center? Is it a dorm? And what does “Innovation” mean, anyway?

Today, when you step inside the Innovation Hub, you’ll find a bustling hive of passionate engineers, mentors, entrepreneurs, problem solvers, and thought leaders. They have a great track record— internationally known for creating more than 750 jobs, bringing in $50 million in investment, and lofting highly successful and tenacious startups like Shadow Health, Feathr, and MYOLYN.

These folks are amazing, and we continue to work with the Innovation Hub to foster their growth and development.

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UF Student Affairs

Helping an Entire University Turn Their Computers Off,  Then on Again

Our friends at the University of Florida’s Student Affairs approached Parisleaf with a peculiar challenge. In a few months, the entire school would be switching to a new platform for internal communications. Nobody likes dealing with that sort of technical housekeeping, but if people didn’t make the switch they could lose access to important information and tools such as email, calendars, shared documents, and programs.

This campaign came to life through a series of emails sent to each employee and through large posters and animated digital displays featured in common areas. The UF IT team visited every department’s office, helped employees finish the migration process, and left a trail of swag and campaign-branded cookies behind them. What was once perceived as a technical nightmare became a celebrated event.

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