UF Student Affairs

Helping an Entire University Turn Their Computers Off, Then on Again

What we did
  • Copywriting
  • Design
  • Illustration

Our friends at the University of Florida’s Student Affairs approached Parisleaf with a peculiar challenge. In a few months, the entire school would be switching to a new platform for internal communications. Nobody likes dealing with that sort of technical housekeeping, but if people didn’t make the switch they could lose access to important information and tools such as email, calendars, shared documents, and programs.

After learning that the switch would only take 10 minutes, we made a list of small tasks that would take 10 minutes or less and a list of monumental events that would take aeons. By smashing them up we could generate strange narrative scenarios and fun illustrations, cementing the import of the switch in the minds of UF’s employees. Punchy, downright silly copy accompanied vibrant and engaging illustrations that walked the line between UF brand standards and a clunky 80’s tech/arcade vibe.


This campaign came to life through a series of emails sent to each employee and through large posters and animated digital displays featured in common areas. The UF IT team visited every department’s office, helped employees finish the migration process, and left a trail of swag and campaign-branded cookies behind them. What was once perceived as a technical nightmare became a celebrated event.