Brain Tumor Summit

Imagining a world where brain cancer is a comma, not a full stop.

What we did
  • Audience Research
  • Brand Strategy
  • Naming
  • Visual Identity

Today, brain cancer remains a death sentence for most patients. Dr. Duane Mitchell and his colleagues at the UF McKnight Brain Institute believe that, based on recent clinical trials, within the next ten years we could see an increase in brain cancer survival from less than 10% to at least 50%.

Recognizing the need for collaboration across disciplines and across institutions, Dr. Mitchell set out to create a yearly summit that would gather the brightest brain tumor researchers and philanthropists around a common ambition to eradicate brain cancer.

The University of Florida Foundation commissioned Parisleaf to create a brand narrative, a name, and a visual identity for this event – a summit which will hopefully be the first of many, and the annual checkpoint for the real work that will happen year by year.

After the verbal identity was established we proposed two concepts for the name and visual identity: ReMission Summit and Matter Summit. As it turns out, doctors almost never use the word remission when discussing brain cancer because it so rarely happens. In light of that, the name ReMission offers its own built-in challenge. Our decision was easy.