Insider Secrets to Fundraising | Chad Paris | Show 72

Insider Secrets to Fundraising

Dave Lorenzo’s Inside BS Show | Chad Paris | Show 72

On this episode of the Inside BS Show, Dave Lorenzo interviews Chad Paris, the CEO of Parisleaf, a firm that helps nonprofit organizations fundraise.

Today’s show is an inside look at how fundraising works from a true expert in the field.


00:00  – Insider Secrets to Fundraising
00:51  – What do Chad and his company do?
01:43  – How does Chad assist non-profit organizations with fundraising?
06:08  – How did Parisleaf begin?
08:58  – What is the difference between assisting with a fundraising campaign and managing a global corporation’s marketing?
15:07  – What is a Board Member’s role in fundraising?
17:39  – How vital is a Branding and Marketing Agency to a nonprofit organization? 
20:41 How to craft a brand promise and articulate it in 30 seconds
26:07 – Examples of ways to obtain fundraisers?
Chad Paris

Chad Paris

Principal, CEO
The perfect marriage of strategist, consultant, & rainmaker. Chad loves connecting good people with other good people. He has dedicated his career to brands that are changing the world by helping nonprofits fund progress while also advancing Purpose in the workplace.