10 Questions Every Fundraising Campaign Must Answer

Prioritize these crucial questions to ensure your fundraising campaign brand resonates with your donors.

In order for any capital campaign to kick off on solid footing, the campaign’s brand must be carefully crafted. This brand must communicate the campaign’s vision and position to essential donors, thus setting the overall tone for the mission. As you work on creating this campaign brand, you must ensure it meets certain vital criteria. These criteria, which can be set based on the following questions, will serve as the foundation for a truly strategic campaign brand that resonates with your donors.

Answer the following 10 important questions. You’ll find applicable, real-life examples to help you get started.

Chad Paris

Chad Paris

Principal, CEO
The perfect marriage of strategist, consultant, & rainmaker. Chad loves connecting good people with other good people. He has dedicated his career to brands that are changing the world by helping nonprofits fund progress while also advancing Purpose in the workplace.