In our latest eBook, we cover the six ingredients that make for a comprehensive and effective Case. 

In the fast-paced and crowded world of fundraising, it’s challenge to craft a message that cuts through the noise and resonates with donors. Whether you’re preparing to launch your quiet phase or you’re a couple of years into your campaign, having a strong Case for Support gives you a game plan for success. It provides you with a unifying Source of Truth to make sure your team is on the same page. Yet too often, the Case feels disjointed, uninspiring, passive, or all of the above. 

At Parisleaf, we understand that campaigns are living entities, and their heartbeat lies in a Case that evolves and breathes alongside them. In our latest ebook, we walk you through our six-part IMPACT formula for crafting a dynamic, living, and breathing Case for Support that will help align your team and win over donors. We share insights on how to test, iterate, refine, and repeat, ensuring your Case remains as dynamic as the campaign it represents. Even if you’ve already embarked on your fundraising journey, our ebook offers valuable ways to breathe new life into your Case.