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We helped make this small environmental college financially sustainable. By promoting sustainability.


Despite a 50 year history, student enrollment at Unity College in Maine was on a steady decline and awareness of the school was limited to the immediate region. We immersed ourselves in the brand and coupled our insights with research to uncover a positioning that was meaningful to high school juniors, seniors and their families: Unity is America’s environmental college and the right choice for those who want to dedicate their lives to solving the sustainability problems of the future.

The team at Parisleaf made an enormous difference in our success, and it is fair to say that our enrollment would not be what it is without their investment in us.
President Stephen Mulkey

Filming on a mountain top in Maine — Unity College


The work we developed for the brand centered on the unique, environmentally-focused niche Unity College occupies. It celebrates the 16 academic majors they offer and their strong track record of graduating students into “green” jobs while preparing them as leaders who are tackling the world’s sustainability issues. In addition to designing a new website for the school we created an engaging series of videos that give prospective students a firsthand look at the rigor, exploration and hands-on learning experiences they would have at Unity College.


Over a two-year period, enrollment at Unity College set record numbers to the highest level it’s ever been and endowments have increased fourfold. Our work was also recognized in the American Advertising Awards at the national level and the video series won a Gold Medal at the CASE (Council for Advancement and Support of Education) Awards. Other impressive metrics included:

2016 Campaign

Videos highlighting initiatives like green jobs, scholarships and academics.

2015 Campaign

Five-piece web series that introduces Unity College and their mission.

These videos are the single most valuable tool I have when I go on the road.
President Stephen Mulkey

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