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When it comes to data storage, we’re living in a world of exponential demand. In 2009 a team of French engineers started Scality in an attempt to solve this problem at an enterprise level. Before Scality’s revolutionary software developments, large companies were stuck. Their growth was confined to physical constraints that filled too fast for them to keep up. Scality came in as a disruptor. They shook up legacy design. The knocked down silos. They changed the face of the storage industry.

Scality’s brand was in transition, shifting from a tech-centric company to business services. The brand engaged technical experts so well that it alienated business experts, particularly the C-level decision-makers. It was blocking the company from being a global disruptor and, ultimately, a leader in the marketplace.


Scality’s website needed an overhaul. The team knew this already. The site lacked the function and organization that made it a simple and clear experience for its audience. The team had to address multiple personalities and languages, embody its rich culture and answer key questions attractively from the start.


Scality has a solution that solves major business challenges. Sure, Scality offers groundbreaking software solutions for petabyte-scale storage, but what it really offers is something significantly more human. Scality offers opportunity. They enable imagination and redefine the impossible. The Scality software helps rewrite the possibilities available to the visionaries and decision-makers of our time. The branding is flexible and human, yet rich with expertise. It allowed us to explore new avenues and reach new audiences.



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