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The best way to tell the story of these programs was to have people in the programs tell theirs.




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Santa Fe College is an institution that works hard to serve its students, community, and the goals of those looking to realize their dreams. Santa Fe College approached our team to create a campaign for the Career and Technical Education (CTE) program that would help promote their programs to prospective students. During the process, the CTE team hoped to begin create its own distinct identity within the fabric of the college-wide brand standards. It was clear from the start that the program spoke to a different type of audience. It was our goal to create a voice and craft a narrative all their own.


We immediately immersed ourselves into the CTE experience. We discovered themes that grew into a story. The CTE program was home to professors there for more than a paycheck, while the students brought a distinct set of experiences and expectations. We found the staff wanted to build support systems that reinforced rigor into the coursework. This was more than a job or a degree. The real impact was right below the surface. That’s the story we wanted to tell.

Our team began by creating a unique icon for the campaign that we coined the CTE Beacon. This icon was inspired by CTE’s multifaceted programs and students and uses an iceberg as a metaphor for the depth behind the programs.

Logo development

CTE needed a new way and tools to talk about itself. We carefully crafted a voice, tone, and message driven by stories we uncovered from the students and faculty during Discovery. Rather than focusing on the attributes of the program, we focused on how the program served as an extension of its students’ passions and careers. We focused on what made them “more than.” The voice and tone carried into design and production of the collateral and video.

From the beginning, we knew we wanted to create a physical piece for the campaign. It would need to motivate their audience to pick it up and explore it. The piece needed to reflect the unique properties of each program. With so many programs, it needed to be flexible so each program could use it their own way. It needed to adapt and grow over time.

The video focused on that specific moment when a
student makes the decision to change her life and seek
out her dreams — when she becomes “more than” a
dreamer — She become a doer.
– Patrick Sanders, Creative Director


Once the messaging and campaign were designed, we leapt into production. We needed to bring the campaign to life through photography, video, and print. It was essential that we capture professionals and graduates in their careers. We focused on the stories of actual students and faculty. The video was produced to be used across multiple mediums and focused on the moment students would change their lives.

We also created digital assets for the CTE team to share on social media and use for ad space to support the campaign. All of the pieces of the “More Than” campaign reflect real stories, real passion, and the very real dedication that Santa Fe College has for its students’ success.



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