They manage multimillion dollar building projects for major hotel brands. And trusted us to rebuild their own.







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Project Development Services, Inc. is the number one project management and development company in their industry. They have locations in Atlanta, Baltimore, Orlando, Phoenix and Seattle. The team of former architects, designers, contractors and trade consultants bring decades of experience to each project and offer more depth, professional knowledge and combined expertise than any of their competitors.

But despite an amazing track record of hundreds of completed projects, 94% repeat clients and over $4 billion in project value, they had a problem. Over their 20 year history, PDSI had become known for their hotel renovation expertise. As they started to move into a variety of project types that included substantial builds from the ground up, the perception of both potential and existing clients was that they were a firm who only did hotel renovation.


We began with a Discovery Process to learn about PDSI from their clients, employees, vendors and peers. Using the information from our discovery we developed a new brand identity that represented the advantages and unique strengths the company offers to its clients. The business of project management is based on relationships. It’s a people business and the experience, expertise and personal attention the PDSI team members bring to a project truly sets them apart from anyone else in their industry.

In addition to a logo we created a new website and designed a full range of marketing materials. These included business cards, sales and qualifications pieces, folders, letterhead, greeting cards, labels, notepads and digital marketing materials. We also created a short animated video to demonstrate the thinking behind how we developed the new brand for them. It’s centered on the idea that PDSI can go into a project and take a variety of moving parts, diverse teams of people and overcome all kinds of challenges to bring it all together on time and under budget. It’s as if they have the ability to envision a project completely finished, before ground is ever broken.

The PDSI website has garnered positive reviews from PDSI clients. Parisleaf is proud to be the 2017 recipients of a Local Gold ADDY Award, a District Gold ADDY Award, and a Webby Awards Honoree for PDSI.us.





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