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And no one fuels that spirit better than our friends at Gulejo Coffee Co. Formed by combining the first two letters of each of the three original founders’ names (Gu-Le-Jo), the Gulejo brand is a distinct reflection of the trio’s unstoppable energy.

But Gulejo isn’t about coffee. It thrives on pressing collaboration and success into every opportunity. Its coffee is the fuel for vision and injects the energy to deliver it. Yet the Gulejo name needed a vision of its own, one as caffeinated as its founders and mission.


Gulejo lives life unfiltered, and they define themselves by their unrelenting energy. The founders love pouring out new ideas around a carafe of French press. They want to cherish each moment, grind happiness out of every opportunity, and build a fervent following overflowing with passion.

We infused that vigor into the logomark.

Gulejo sources its coffee from an estate in Nicaragua which gave us a chance to instill the logo with a vibrant cultural influence. It’s a completely hand-painted illustration that pulls its direction from signage you find in Latin American cities and communities.

To form the letters, we first painted them on large sheets of paper over and over. We photographed each iteration of Gulejo and identified the most cohesive letterforms. Then we traced them digitally, adjusted them here and there, and formed the final wordmark.

We wrapped up the branding with a lush color system that would stand out against other coffee packages and experiences. We used blues, greens, and yellows common in Central and Latin American culture. They’re largely absent in coffee brand packaging. We then let subtle textures and gradients percolate back in to create a more tactile experience that would complement the rustic paper packaging.



When combined, the color system, packaging, and name blend into smooth experience, but retain just enough grittiness to stay authentic to their humble roots. It’s an experience as bold as its founders and is sure to attract the attention of creative souls looking for an infusion of inspiration.

We’re energetic in everything we do. We aim to hustle harder than every other company.
– TJ Villamil, Co-Founder





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