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They live to serve Gainesville’s East Side. We created a branded campaign that shows the many ways to work, love, play, and live East





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Our friends at the Gainesville Community Redevelopment Agency came to Parisleaf looking for ways to foster awareness about ongoing and upcoming GCRA initiatives in East Gainesville, with the intention to attract potential residents, businesses, and developers. They wanted to show and encourage the unique sense of community, culture, and history that makes this area so special.

For too long, Gainesville has been sharply divided between east and west, with the Eastside often being underserved and unfairly characterized by inaccurate stereotypes. We asked ourselves: how might we show all the reasons to look, live, and love East without furthering the divide?

In the brand strategy workshop, our client said something simple yet provocative that shaped the entire course of this project: “What if we stopped calling it East Gainesville, and called it Gainesville East instead?” We picked up the thread: what if this campaign was designed to dissolve in time, with the word East disappearing entirely? Looking much further out – any number of years from now – our hope is for Gainesville to become a place where people don’t draw a line between east and west anymore.

We realized our ultimate measure of success will be the day when this campaign no longer needs to exist. We will simply be Gainesville from end to end.

Through our design discovery workshop, we captured the aesthetic essence of Gainesville’s Eastside communities.

Gainesville East is eclectic, even funky. From ethnically diverse neighborhoods and historical cityscapes, to vast natural landscapes and a generally slower pace of life, the Eastside is a vibrant, multicolor quilt. This concept would be the foundation for our design system. The toolkit was then rounded out by contrasting typography, a wild and wonderful color palette, iconography, and photographic guidelines.

We developed an array of action words that precede East, with the core concept of Gainesville East being supported by four umbrella themes – explore, live, grow, work, and love East. Secondary themes spell out particular facets of Eastside living.

We created a family of icons that visualize the five umbrella themes. They will also be used as interactive wayfinding on the forthcoming Gainesville East website.

This collection of verbal and visual tools was gathered and deployed in a brand toolkit that the client team immediately put to work on posters, presentations, buttons, and more.

Stay tuned as we flesh out this campaign and add a rich interactive experience!





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