Everyone has an ego. We just hook ours to the bike rack on our way in.

Chad Paris

Principal, CEO

Chad desires to own one of the healthiest agencies in the world, and that goal fuels everything he does. Chad’s role is all about relationships and communication with clients and with the Parisleaf team. Chad’s passion lies in giving back to the community – some may call this networking.

Alison Paris

Principal, COO

Where design and data meet, you’ll find Alison. Her research background brings order to the office, while her simplistic style provides balance and serenity. Although she’s worn many hats at Parisleaf, her analytic disposition makes her a natural COO. Alison’s love for the outdoors is only rivaled by her love of knowledge — whether books, documentaries, or inspiring conversation.

Matt Steel

Creative Director

Matt is a designer who writes, father of four, and husband of one. Since 2003, he has designed and directed creative initiatives with clients ranging from small startups to Fortune 500 companies. Matt loves giving good stories the visibility they deserve. He enjoys reading, surfing, yoga, running, hanging punctuation, serial commas, and drifting from philosophical musings to ridiculous impersonations.

Gretchen Berisford

Project Manager

Gretchen is the backbone of Parisleaf, providing critical support to our COO and production team. Her passion for sustainability led her to project management in the nonprofit and social justice sectors. She loves walking on her hands, Ashtanga yoga, hanging with her huskies, Denali & Kaya, and camping.

Elisa Gomez-Monzo

Senior Designer

Born in the heart of Sillicon Valley and raised in Spain, Elisa is a Spanish graphic designer who joined Parisleaf searching to work with amazing professionals. Passionate about work and serious about design, she is always eager to continue learning new things that improve her designs. If she is not at the office, you will find her at the movies with her husband or eating pizza.

Kendyl Mounce

Senior Designer

Originally from Memphis, Kendyl lives in Gainesville with 3 dudes: her husband, her dog and her cat. She loves making lives easier with human-centered design. When she’s not at work, you can find her playing trivia at Maude’s, learning songs on piano, or eating BBQ.

Jessica Owens

Executive Assistant

Jessica, otherwise known as Jessistant, is Chad’s right hand (wo)man. She’s a native Kentuckian and proud of it. Outside of the office, she enjoys spending time with her cat-son Roman, playing piano, ukulele, and singing, and boogying the night away. Her favorite holiday is Tater Day, we’ll let you ask her about that one.

Kyle Hagler

Web Developer

Kyle is a versatile developer with a flair for problem solving. He has developed web and mobile solutions for clients all over the world, ranging from early-stage startups to companies like ESPN and HBO. When he’s not keeping current with emerging technologies, Kyle delights in traveling, obsessing about college football, and consuming as many movies and books as time permits.

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