The A-Z of Marketing to Generation Z by @Parisleaf #GenZ #Marketing #Enrollment…

Everyone has an ego. We just hook ours to the bike rack on our way in.

Chad Paris

Co-Founder & CEO

Chad wanted to own the happiest business in the world, and that goal fuels everything he does. Chad’s role is all about relationships and communication with clients and with the Parisleaf team. Chad’s passion lies in giving back to the community - some may call this networking.

Alison Paris

Co-Founder & Chief Financial Officer

Alison’s passion for managing the office with love and making everything run smoothly comes through in everything she does. A Pinterest fanatic, she loves both data analysis and design, working both sides of her brain equally. Her dazzling smile and efficient disposition keep the Leaf running beautifully.

Matt Steel

Creative Director

Matt is a designer who writes, father of four, and husband of one. Since 2003, he has designed and directed creative initiatives with clients ranging from small startups to Fortune 500 companies. Matt loves giving good stories the visibility they deserve. He enjoys reading, surfing, yoga, running, hanging punctuation, serial commas, and drifting from philosophical musings to ridiculous impersonations.

Allen Shorter

Senior Project Manager

Allen brings a unique perspective to every project. His 15 years as a User Experience Architect and Project Manager produced operations management apps for major cities and projects, including the 2012 Olympics and the Panama Canal. He’s also a professional husband, dad, semi-pro disc golfer and seasoned surfer.

Larry Werner

Senior Copywriter

If you’re looking for the perfect setup, punchline, and tag to a joke, or you need to uncover the soul of a brand, Larry is there with bearded smile and worn out notebook. Larry brings core and quip to every project with a touch of Zen. Maybe it’s all that surfing he does to relax on the weekends

Benji Haselhurst

Senior Designer

When you find yourself searching for that perfect sci-fi reference or obscure italo-disco music recommendation, Benji is your guy. He blends a diverse background of art and design with a love and dedication for user experience on the web. He also knows his beers, and all dogs seem to love him.

James Hill

Videographer / Photographer

James helps our clients tell their stories through motion. His focus on meaningful and impactful storytelling makes a brand come to life. His thoughtful approach to his craft results in rich media that pulls at the heartstrings and will make you fall in love with your brand all over again. James may be quiet, but he usually has the funniest joke and is just waiting for everyone else to calm down before he chimes in.

Shane Buchan

Web Developer

Shane is a digital craftsman who specializes in graphic design, front-end web development and animation. When he's not working, he is a doting husband and father and can be found getting his hands dirty in the outdoors.

Kaley Shorter

Marketing Manager

A creative in her own right, Kaley has tapped years of journalism, CRM management, inbound marketing and customer experience shaping to launch Parisleaf’s blog to international recognition in less than four months. Kaley still makes it home in time for dinner with the family, disc golf and rocking out on stage at the piano.