Santa Fe College tranSForm – Capital Campaign

A transformational gift kicked off this tranSFormational campaign at Santa Fe College

What we did
  • Campaign Brand System
  • Campaign Messaging
  • Campaign Naming
  • Campaign Visual Identity
  • Fundraising Collateral
  • Research & Strategy
Campaign Size

Santa Fe College is a beacon of hope for everyone in the community – and we mean everyone. They dedicate their lives to helping others, working to serve real people, and bolstering the Greater Gainesville community. Their stance on social justice and racial equality helped yield a $40M unrestricted gift from MacKenzie Scott. This transformational gift came at a time when the college was introducing new leadership and shortly after being named the top community college in America.

We approached Santa Fe with a simple idea: use this unrestricted $40M gift as a platform to launch an even more transformational capital campaign.

Higher-Education institutions, like Santa Fe College, were hit hard by Covid-19. Student enrollment went down, and the state experienced fiscal challenges when SF felt the community needed them the most. To do this, Santa Fe College wanted to reach prospective students, reconnect with a community separated by Covid-19, and attract donors who could help rebuild greater Gainesville from the classroom outwards. To address these issues we asked ourselves the following questions:

How might we…

  • Design a campaign identity that can engage current and potential students, donors, our state partners, and the community at large?
  • Create an iconic, distinctive look that builds upon the existing SF brand but stands out and demands the viewer’s attention?
  • Reflect on the idea of true transformation?
  • Develop a bold and cohesive system that can speak in an equally compelling voice with very distinct audiences?

In response to these challenges, Parisleaf saw an opportunity to partner with Dr. Paul Brodie’s vision and use that momentum to make an even more incredible impact in the community. We agreed on creating a fundraising campaign that also drove enrollment. While in our discovery process, we discovered a wide array of audiences that we needed to cater to.

When we approached SF with the name “TranSForm,” we all knew that this name, in addition to our visuals, would truly create transformative experiences in the lives of students, donors, and the community.

We revealed bold and impactful designs with a name like “TranSForm.” The underlying principle across type, color, and shapes was that they needed to feel transformative. The facial expression of students is larger than life. We want to show that being at SF is truly a transformative experience in whatever moment we are trying to portray.