The Hatchetbury

An Identity That’s Bloody Good Fun For All

What we did
  • Design
  • Discovery
  • Naming
  • Visual Identity

The Hatchetbury is an axe throwing bar that will be located in Gainesville, FL.

This axe throwing concept came to us without a name, but with strong visual ideas already in place. We discovered early on that we were working with two distinct personalities. The axe throwing ladies had a vision filled with juxtapositions: barn doors and neon, industrial materials and cozy nooks, moody lighting with cheeky humor. Part heavy metal and part old english. Our goal was to create a visual identity that felt at home in that environment.

Parisleaf channeled the spirit of an English pub through the crisp filter of 21st-century branding. We settled on the name The Hatchetbury after working through hundreds of options. With this unique name, we put our axe to the grindstone of distinction and created a symbol that aims at good and strikes at clever.

We ended up with a brand identity (and mascot!) that looks like bloody good fun for all.