Bringing vision to visionaries

What we did
  • Audience Research
  • Brand Strategy
  • Copywriting
  • Motion Graphic
  • Visual Identity
  • Website

When it comes to data storage, we’re living in a world of exponential demand. In 2009 a team of French engineers started Scality in an attempt to solve this problem at an enterprise level. Before Scality’s revolutionary software developments, large companies were stuck. Their growth was confined to physical constraints that filled too fast for them to keep up. Scality came in and shook up legacy design. They knocked down silos. They changed the face of the storage industry.

When Scality came to Parisleaf, it was solely to commission us for our web capabilities. After multiple conversations, we helped them identify key problems. Our most notable discovery was the fact that it would take their clients anywhere from half an hour to an hour and a half to understand what Scality actually does. This insight reframed our approach. “This,” we said, “is not an issue that a website overhaul is going to fix. This is a branding issue. We need to come back to the foundation and focus on the story. We need to focus on the brand.” Our recommendation resonated so much with the Scality team that they increased the project budget by tenfold, which led to a tenfold increase in their revenue, which led to an additional $60 million round of funding. Not bad. And for Parisleaf, this project set us on a path of evolution from a tactical creative studio to a strategic branding company.


Scality has a solution that solves major business challenges. Yes, they offer groundbreaking software solutions for petabyte-scale storage, but what they really offer is something much more human. Scality offers opportunity. They enable imagination and redefine the impossible. Their software rewrites the possibilities that are available to visionary leaders and decision-makers. The brand identity is flexible and human yet rich with expertise.