Pure Aesthetics

Bringing inner beauty to the surface

What we did
  • Audience Research
  • Brand Strategy
  • Copywriting
  • Visual Identity

Pure Aesthetics is a premier med spa in Gainesville. They provide expert aesthetic care and goal-oriented coaching in a serene environment. 

Unlike aestheticians who seek to transform clients into someone else, they believe in helping people appreciate and care for the skin they’ve been given. While their excellent reputation was well known in North-Central Florida, their unique position as aesthetic mentors and educators – coaches as much as skincare providers – had never been articulated.

Parisleaf created a verbal and visual identity system that is characterized by balance: med and spa, East and West, cleanliness and nature. We highlighted Pure Aesthetics’ desire to help each client not only look their best but also reconnect with themselves and rediscover their confidence.

We formed the identity around a simple statement that rejects shallow conceptions of beauty in favor of something deeper and more enduring:

You’re beautiful. We’re here to help you show it.