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One of our biggest passions at Parisleaf is bringing beautiful, purpose-driven brands to life. Over the years, we’ve helped some brilliant clients show their Purpose on the web by creating seamless, user-friendly web experiences.

Check out the websites we’ve designed and developed for the brands we love.

Pure Aesthetics

We partnered with Pure Aesthetics, Gainesville’s highest-rated medspa, and helped them bring their brand vision to life. We formed Pure Aesthetics’ identity around the belief that beauty grows from within. In other words: You’re beautiful. We’re here to help you show it.

After recreating Pure Aesthetics’ brand identity, we developed their new website. Our challenge: Create a web experience that tells the Pure Aesthetics story, including showcasing their many services and products, with a seamless user experience.

When thinking back on the project, Elisa Gomez-Monzo, one of our senior designers, said, “Pure Aesthetics’ passion lies in educating their clients in order to empower healthy living. We wanted to give them a site where it is easy for the user to access all the information related to each treatment, while still showing the brand’s beautiful aesthetic.”

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Project Development Services, Inc. is the number one project management and development company in their industry.

Parisleaf designed a new brand identity that represented the advantages and strengths that PDSI offers its clients. The work included a new logo, a full range of marketing and sales materials, and a new website.

The PDSI website has garnered positive reviews from PDSI clients. Parisleaf is proud to be the 2017 recipients of a Local Gold ADDY Award, a District Gold ADDY Award, and a Webby Awards Honoree for this website.

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Scorpio is a devoted team of construction professionals who build to enliven communities and beautify cities.

Since 2013, Scorpio Construction has approached every project with community impact in mind. They understand that a building is never a neutral or isolated event: it must fit into the local fabric, accomplish its intended purpose, and enhance the landscape.

By 2017 the company had cultivated an overwhelmingly positive profile in North Florida, but their boilerplate narrative and lackluster visual identity did not match their reputation.

Parisleaf responded to this imbalance by creating a full-scale brand identity that embodies building for life and champions community-centered construction. Their website was developed following these parameters too.

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CT Mechanical

CT Mechanical is a versatile team of commercial HVAC, plumbing, and refrigeration experts. They came to Parisleaf with the challenge of creating a new brand identity and a set of communication tools, including their website.

When designing the site, we considered how we could use the interplay of positive and negative space to make the invisible, visible. A crisp and comforting palette of blue, gold, and navy is woven through interlocking prisms and photos of pleasant interiors and behind-scenes construction. Sculpted white spaces frame headlines and calls to action.

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Crippen provides strategic, time-saving accounting solutions for smart business leaders.

Parisleaf created a brand narrative and identity that hinges on two ideas: the power of simplicity and Crippen’s love of numbers. A collection of numerical collages lend texture and artistry, distinctive features in a brand landscape generally known for dull and dry aesthetics. For hero and campaign imagery, we commissioned expert illustrator Brian Stauffer to create a series of metaphorical illustrations that vividly depict the result of accounting made simple.

The purpose of their website is to initiate conversations with potential clients and ideal employees. Through carefully-paced storytelling and subtle animations, every page invites exploration.

This site won a W3 Silver Award in 2019.

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Chestnut Hill

Chestnut Hill is a nursery and tree farm led by nature-lovers. Their business is unique in that there are two sides – Nursery and Outdoors – with two very different audiences. The nursery serves gardeners and orchardists; Chestnut Hill Outdoors caters to hunters. Our challenge was to create a brand strategy and identity that serves both sides.

We designed a robust e-commerce solution that seamlessly manages both halves of the Chestnut Hill brand while maintaining the unique content of each half.

Chestnut Hill Outdoors ships thousands of trees each year to stores throughout the United States. We developed a store locator that provides a seamless user experience allowing customers to find a store near them.

Parisleaf won a 2020 Silver W3 Award for our work on the Chestnut Hill Nursery website.

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Revolution Populi

Revolution Populi believes your data is a vital natural resource. Their vision is to help you reclaim your digital rights. They’re building a new social platform on blockchain technology – one that pays you for your content instead of selling your information to advertisers.

They came to Parisleaf for a brand identity and a landing page that would avoid the tired tropes of the tech industry. The result is a bold, graphic look that distinguishes them from the tech giants and projects a message worth rallying around. This boldness is displayed throughout their landing page with big imagery and a bright red.

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Walker Architects

Walker Architects is an experienced group of creative leaders and craftspeople. Their work is driven by a passion for designing spaces that enhance the lives of people who live, work, and move through them.

Parisleaf wrote and designed a brand identity that married Walker’s ambitions and personality with a cosmopolitan sensibility that would be just as at home in Beijing or Barcelona. We brought the brand to life through a sleek and image-rich website.

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Innovation Square

Innovation Square is a UF-sponsored and Gainesville-grown urban development that magnetizes thinkers and leaders.

In time, Innovation Square will become a place where people can make a living and a life. The client approached Parisleaf in need of a brand identity and a website that can grow as life in the Square takes on new facets.

Careful balances needed to be struck. Stand apart from the UF brand, but don’t clash with it. Plan for the current business climate and tomorrow’s culture. With these intentions in mind, Parisleaf created a suite of communication tools that are designed to help generate new urban life and remain relevant for many years to come.

Asner Lab

Asner Lab is a research group led by Dr. Greg Asner. They exist to support measurable conservation across our rapidly changing planet. They asked Parisleaf to create a new visual identity that reflects their bird’s eye view of the world, and a website that would serve as a repository for their projects and discoveries.

We discovered a treasure trove of imagery that Asner’s Airborne Observatory has captured over the years. These images of landscapes and seascapes are not only informative but beautiful. We built the identity around these images and designed a flexible, multi-directional logotype that references aeronautics and future focus.

The website was designed for a dramatic, dark look that brings large pictures to the forefront and invites exploration. A simple palette of black, red, white, and dark gray provides ample space for their research to take center stage.

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University of Florida Foundation

The University of Florida Foundation engages alumni and organizations to advance the university’s mission through charitable donations. Donors were having trouble navigating the 6,000+ funds on the Foundation’s website, and online engagement was poor. The UF Foundation came to Parisleaf to reinvigorate their website, encourage online donations, and rethink the user experience behind that process. In addition, UF Advancement’s brand identity needed refinement in order to jell with the many other University websites – and perhaps even set a new standard for how UF websites should look and function.

We also created a dashboard that allows advancement staff to create fully custom engagement packages for specific donors. These include stories and funds that align with each donor’s philanthropic interests.

Within two weeks of launch, site traffic grew significantly. The Advancement website’s strongest two weeks are typically December 18 through December 31. In December 18–31, 2016, the old site saw 23,577 page views and 17,804 unique page views. In just the first two weeks after the new website launched, there were 33,792 page views and 26,369 unique page views. We’re on track to have over 400,000 total page views in the first year.

A 2018 Gold ADDY and a 2018 AAF were won with this website.

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