The Campaign for Nicklaus Children’s Hospital

Forward For Generations is a campaign for the transformative future of Nicklaus Children’s Hospital.

What we did
  • Campaign Brand System
  • Campaign Messaging
  • Campaign Naming
  • Campaign Visual Identity

Nicklaus Children’s Hospital, founded in 1950 as Variety Children’s Hospital to treat children with polio, is now a leading pediatric hospital that treats kids with rare and complex conditions. The hospital has been providing high-quality care to children for over 70 years.

The standalone pediatric hospital believes in putting patients and families first. Alongside a state-of-the-art new surgical tower, this fundraising campaign seeks to invest in new programs, institutes, and specialties for even greater possibilities—setting a standard for what a pediatric hospital can be. They’re rethinking pediatric care for the digital age, and looking at how to improve access and convenience to bring the hospital to the patient rather than the other way around.

Building the Foundation: Crafting Nicklaus Children’s Campaign Verbal Identity

Our partnership with Nicklaus Children’s began with establishing the core Verbal Identity of the campaign. We worked together to establish needs and goals that all came together to build the foundation of this campaign. We worked through internal and external communications, audiences, and attributes, to establish their purpose and define their ambition.

This is a Distinctive Campaign Brand Anchored in Tradition

Nicklaus Children’s had a desire to develop a campaign brand that was unmistakably Nicklaus Children’s. Our goal was to include the golden bear and the heart as key identifiers along with the core color palette to further anchor this campaign within their established brand standards.

Visual System for ‘Forward For Generations’ Campaign Blossoms with Vibrant Energy

We thought a lot about how the campaign could get across the idea of progressing forward. This is where the campaign name came to be: Forward For Generations. The heart became a metaphor for love throughout this brand and we began to connect the arrow and heart together, becoming a clover-like shape. Once we began rotating it, petals began to form and then eventually we were able to get a kaleidoscopic effect. These elements give a colorful and vibrant energy to bring to the future of the healthcare community and beyond. And so the visual system began to take shape.

Launching an Ambitious Campaign to Elevate Pediatric Care

This is the most important and comprehensive campaign Nicklaus Children’s has ever embarked on. Their goal is to be the best pediatric hospital in the Southeast and a global destination for children’s medical specialties. As one of the remaining standalone pediatric hospitals in the U.S. we touch the lives of nearly one million children each year.

This campaign is much more than a new surgical tower; It’s about dedication to reaching more kids, both near and far. As Nicklaus Children’s pushes the boundaries of healthcare they are transforming what a children’s hospital can truly be, for generations to come.