MDC Foundation

Funding the dreams of millions of people in South Florida and beyond.

What we did
  • Brand Strategy
  • Copywriting
  • Verbal Identity

The Miami community has been shaped by Miami Dade College (aka MDC) with thousands of success stories in Florida and beyond, tracing their roots back to the college. The goal for Parisleaf was to assist in this initiative to fund the first step; for the Foundation to help MDC create more opportunities for those who are motivated to learn.

Working with the MDCF team on their verbal identity, we asked the question “Why donate to MDCF?” to begin thinking about the verbal components for this initiative.

When you donate to the MDC Foundation, you truly give directly to a student. Every dollar works hard towards supporting scholarships and the programs that unlock student success. A person’s potential has no limits; the benefits continue to multiply over a lifetime.

There are few places in Miami where a single dollar impacts so many corners of our community. From businesses searching for new recruits to a robust economy stimulated by rising incomes – when a student graduates from MDC, the whole city benefits. Whatever your passions or reasons for giving, they believe every donation is personal.

First, we began by establishing their attributes. The word vibrant, like Miami itself, seeks to show that they are a reflection of the community that surrounds them. Relatable, in both their communication and the stance that equal opportunity and representation is the cornerstone of community. Trusted by the community as a financial institution to raise money and make trusted decisions. Optimistic about the future and being a beacon for hope.

Next, we discovered their profile, impact, and vision. The profile is how the Foundation is to introduce themselves for first time connections within the community. As a launchpad for ambition within Miami, we focused on the idea that MDC is changing lives by giving students more educational opportunities.

The impact begs to ask that original question: Why donate to MDC? There are many philanthropic opportunities within education, and MDC is not always the first center for learning that comes to mind for potential donors. So we ask again, why MDC? It’s about funding that first step. Thousands of success stories can trace their roots back to MDC. By funding the first step, students are awakened to their favorite subject, encounter inspiring mentors, and form lifelong connections. The right foothold at MDC can set them up for life.

Our north star, the outcome we envision as a fulfillment statement for our clients, is the vision. These statements can be used as a starting point or punch line for conversations and visual communication. For MDC, that was keeping Miami vibrant through funding that first step.

One thing is for sure, MDC is igniting human potential through the spark of opportunity and Parisleaf is proud to be a partner in this endeavor.