Making tasty sushi accessible to all

What we did
  • Brand Strategy
  • Illustration
  • Visual Identity

Many American diners consider sushi a somewhat high-end or exotic food category. Restauranteur Steve Vo created Sushi-2-Go with a desire to change this perception and make tasty sushi more accessible.

Steve approached Parisleaf with plans to rename the restaurant as Maki-Mee but needed help with brand strategy and identity. He also asked us to find a name that describes the market niche he’s aiming for. This name would not only help position the brand but would also bolster conversations with potential franchisees.

We built the verbal and visual identity around the concept of fast fresh. As described in our positioning statement, “Unlike fast food restaurants that struggle to overcome a reputation for low-quality ingredients and unhealthy menus, Maki-Mee offers tasty, fresh and healthy sushi; and, we deliver.”