Chestnut Hill

Dunstans & Dirt Wisdom

What we did
  • Brand Strategy
  • Copywriting
  • Discovery
  • Illustration
  • Photography
  • Print Collateral
  • Visual Identity
  • Website

Chestnut Hill is a nursery and tree farm led by nature-lovers. Their business is unique in that there are two sides – Nursery and Outdoors – with two very different audiences. The nursery serves gardeners and orchardists; Chestnut Hill Outdoors caters to hunters. Our challenge was to create a brand strategy and identity that serves both sides.

Chestnut Hill’s roots go back to Dr. Robert T. Dunstan, who helped stop the complete devastation of the American chestnut tree by inventing a blight-resistant hybrid called the Dunstan Chestnut. This resilient tree produces large, nutritious nuts that are good for wildlife, good for people, and good for the land.

The strategy and narrative unite in places like brand voice, purpose, and ambition. The approach diverges in audience profiles, tone, taglines, and more. Visually, one symbol tells two stories. Viewed one way, it says, “putting down roots.” When flipped, it says, “love the wild life.” The rest of the visual identity is grounded by a common earthy aesthetic with distinct variations in imagery and color.

We designed and built a robust e-commerce website that seamlessly manages both halves of the Chestnut Hill brand while maintaining the unique content of each half. Knowledge is in their roots, and three generations of tree-planting expertise fill Chestnut Hill’s Learning Center. The final result is carefully tailored to each audience and simple to use.

In Their Words

The Power of the brand Parisleaf built for us goes far beyond the website.

— Dunstan Wallace