Cala Luna

Awakening in Paradise

What we did
  • Brand Strategy
  • Environment
  • Visual Identity

Cala Luna (“moon cove” in Italian and Spanish) is one of the only five-star hotels in Guanacaste, Costa Rica that remains green all year round. Their open-plan spaces and secluded accommodations meld into lush jungle that attracts more wildlife than anywhere else in the area. Guests enjoy organic food from the owners’ farm, where they can walk the world’s largest living labyrinth and experience lavish farm to table dinners. The hotel offers a comprehensive wellness program, sustainable everything, tailored adventures, and and and…

Some of Parisleaf’s clients struggle to describe one thing that makes them unique. Cala Luna had the opposite problem and was virtually hidden by a brand that blended in among other hotels in a highly competitive market. They needed help distilling the hotel’s essence, positioning it for long-term growth, and creating an identity that would stand apart.

We found that everything hung on two words: awakening and wandering. Waking people up in every sense of the word. Creating elevated awareness and deep contentment that ripples outward wherever guests wander. Waking up refreshed each morning, anticipating a new day in paradise. Awakening all six senses. In other words, awakening in paradise.

The process of waking up is a liminal experience, where we cross a threshold between two states. One thing ends and another begins. Ocean meets land. Evening becomes night. Earth borders sky. Cala Luna is full of liminal spaces, lines, and experiences. This idea became the central theme of their new visual identity.

Their newly established position, inspired by their commitment to premier service, sustainability, and total wellness, is what we call mindful luxury. From delicious home-grown ingredients to yoga classes and cocktails on the beach as the sun slips over the edge of the ocean – as their guest, you choose the memories to carry home. Whatever brings you there, Cala Luna promises a magical, personalized experience that resonates for life.