We took an elite dance program and lifted it to new heights.

What we did
  • Discovery
  • Photography
  • Print Collateral
  • Video
  • Visual Identity

Amber Salo is a dance instructor for Treasure Coast High School (TCHS) in Port Saint Lucie, Florida. For years, she’s developed and overseen a dynamic, high-impact annual dance curriculum for her students. It culminates with Believe, an annual program she and TCHS host to showcase the elite students’ skills through intricately choreographed dance pieces.

As Believe continued to grow, so did its promotion. The organizers valued a refined aesthetic. They strove each year to make its students feel a part of an elite class of dancers. They challenged us to use all our creative capabilities to enhance the upper-class experience for all involved in the program.


Believe 2013 chose “The Wonders of the World” for its theme. When we approached the program, we wanted to align the imagery and story of the natural and historical wonders with the history of civilization. As humans, our past and future are connected by the World Wonders. They’ve intricately woven themselves into our cultures.

When we started working on the program, Believe encouraged us to explore our concepts to the fullest extent. So we decided to use distinct, parallel concepts in the photography and print production styles.

For the initial concept above, we wanted to inspire curiosity and awe, so we illustrated the Wonder of the World through a vivid, artistic representation. Each individual dancer would personify a World Wonder.

The second concept was designed to educate and instill a deeper understanding of the connection between the World Wonders and our human story. It was more abstract and combined cultural references with imagery of a Wonder.