B&B Office System

From Blank Sheet to Writing the Book.

What we did
  • Copywriting
  • Development
  • Discovery
  • Photography
  • UI/UX
  • Visual Identity
  • Website

B&B Office Systems is North Central Florida’s leading retailer, installer, and maintainer of multifunction copiers, printers and document management systems. They’re a team of experts who don’t just sell hardware but create business systems designed around client needs and tailored to how those clients work. B&B’s core business may be engineering systems, but their main focus is on building relationships. They don’t hesitate to go out of their way to satisfy a customer even if it means B&B will take a hit financially.


B&B came to Parisleaf for help. Over the 30-plus years, they’d been in business, the landscape had changed. They needed to transition from being the quaint local mom and pop shop that sold copiers down the street to being seen as an expert team of trained technicians and problem solvers who tailored and designed business solutions around their clients’ needs.

We began with a discovery interview where both the CEO and GM educated us on their commitment to clients, the high ethical standards they held themselves to and their generosity and outreach to the community which went as far as providing shelter for a homeless family in need. They really wanted B&B to be seen as a contemporary, fast-moving and energetic company. They were a team that could make ideas happen quickly and weren’t afraid of taking risks.


In designing B&B’s new website we decided to build the company’s visual identity around an underlying grid structure. The concept behind the grid was inspired by the way the B&B team built a connective foundation between their clients and the community. We also chose a bright color palette that reflected the energy of the company. Complimenting these bright colors against lots of white space gave them a new identity that reflects their friendly and approachable philosophy.

We knew we’d done our job when the CEO told us how he was a little skeptical at first about working with these young people with tattoos and earrings, but by the end of the project said he was so impressed with the work it had changed his mind about the kind of people he’d hire in the future.