A brand refresh for an organization that empowers young people to discover their full potential.

What we did
  • Discovery
  • Verbal Identity
  • Visual Identity

A bright brand refresh reflects big ambition. 

AMIkids, originally known as Associated Marine Institutes, was established in the early 1970s with the goal of empowering young adults to acquire life skills and discover purpose through a range of educational, vocational, and recreational activities. As the organization expanded, its mission evolved from a regional to a national scope.

A brand refresh was needed to better align with the nonprofit organization’s exciting forward trajectory. An organization characterized by its quiet strength and bold aspirations deserved a fresh, dynamic approach to reflect its progress, growth, and ambition. This presented an opportunity to raise awareness, generate interest, and enhance fundraising prospects for AMIkids on a nationwide scale.

AMIkids. I can.

Fostering relationships and instilling hope in the lives of young people is at the heart of AMIkids. Yet, the organization often relied on dated catchphrases to rally attention and enthusiasm. 

To amplify the importance of empowering the kids in AMIkids’ programs, the focus switched to their perspective so they “own” new language. “I can. I can believe in me,” underscores the organization’s commitment to empowerment, compassion, family-centric values, dedication, and trustworthiness.

A Sailor’s Knot symbolizes unity and resilience in AMIkids’ mission.

Concepts inspired by the Verbal Identity emphasized the strength and unity of young individuals, symbolized by a Sailor’s Knot. This knot represents enduring love, resilience in the face of challenges, and good fortune. These concepts embody AMIkids’ mission of fostering confident, successful young adults through community support and interconnectedness.

A broad palette for a bold organization. 

The strategy for addressing visual identity challenges involves refreshing the logo to achieve a contemporary and timeless look, expanding the color palette to appeal to diverse audiences, curating a versatile font stack for accessibility, creatively using imagery to convey AMIkids’ personality, and engaging donor interest through the visual identity brand refresh.