A Team that Feeds Each Other

Happy May, Leaflets! It’s been a while. We hope you’re doing well. Since we last wrote to you, Chad and Alison celebrated three years of marriage, we started expanding the team page on our website, and we said adios to our former HP office printer in typical Cinco de Mayo meets Office Space style. We had a whirlwind week in the Northeast, zipped through a  few marathon days in San Francisco and Silicon Valley, and we finalized our future move into Innovation Square (more details coming soon)! We made great memories... Read The Rest →

Taste the rainbow: Vibrant color and rainy-day waffles

Aaaaaand it’s raining.  Again.  But we won’t let a little drear and wet stop us from having a fine Monday.  Well, as fine as a Monday can be. This is a two-step cure.  First, introduce some glitter into your life with an entire month of vibrantly-colored coupon deals!  Second, have some waffles.  It’s rainy and bleh outside, so keep your belly warm and happy on the inside The Deals We’re emphasizing full-color printing this month, as well as digital printing.  As our faithful Leaflets know, digital printing is not based... Read The Rest →

Summer produce you’ve always wanted to cook… but were afraid to try (Part II)

Artichokes When I think of artichokes, I tend to think of flowers: all thorn, no rose.  (And, ironically, it turns out that an artichoke is a thistle.) It just seems like so much trouble! But it turns out that the humble, bristly artichoke has extraordinarily high antioxidant levels, strengthens the digestive system, and provides relief for irritable bowel syndrome.  So here are some ways to rethink the artichoke–increase your rose-to-thorn ratio, in a way. Roasted artichokes from Novel Eats (An incredibly easy recipe for cooking these bulked-up thistles.  And underneath,... Read The Rest →

Summer produce you’ve always wanted to cook… but were afraid to try

Okra Don’t be afraid of okra because it’s got a little fuzz and slime.  That hasn’t stopped you from buying a puppy, has it? Well, maybe not the best analogy. Think of a peach instead: gentle and velvety on the outside, slick on the inside.  If you aren’t afraid of peaches, you shouldn’t be afraid of okra. Roasted okra from FatFree Vegan Kitchen (Super easy, super delicious!  I added garlic cloves to these puppies, and cooked them with thyme and pepper.) Masal stuffed okra from Veggie Belly (An especially challenging... Read The Rest →

Too cool for summer: delicious minty recipes

Is that a plum tarte?  Why, yes it is.  But what’s that it’s wearing on its head? About this week’s ingredient: Mint has a funny history.  The name comes from the Greek word minthe; according to Greek mythology, Minthe was a nymph whom Persephone, the wife of Hades, transformed into a mint plant.  Sources do no indicate whether Minthe the nymph was originally a pleasant minty flavor. And here’s something else: mint is not an only child.  It belongs to the Mint Family, a group of plants including basil, sage,... Read The Rest →

Cherry Bombs: Delicious (Earth-Friendly) Seasonal Recipes

This week’s featured summer fruit is… the avocado!  No, don’t be silly, didn’t you read the title?  It’s the delicate, delightful, and damningly delicious cherry.  Here are a few of the cherry recipes we admire.  Some of them are easy for a beginning chef; others might fall under the category of “aspirational cooking,” but they’re beautiful just to look at.  Either way, please enjoy! Warm Mini Cherry Pies from Novel Eats (Browse for recipes by ingredient here.) Cherry-Walnut Banana Bread from FatFree Vegan Kitchen (includes nutritional facts, and a great way... Read The Rest →

A tasty way to get involved with local business

Hello everyone!  The weekend is quickly approaching–a perfect time to reconnect with your Gainesville roots.  We’ve recently discovered Hogtown HomeGrown: a hub of connections to Gainesville’s seasonal foods, community recipes, farmer’s markets, local news, and newsletters! Apparently beets and citrus are in season, so now’s the perfect time to try the Beet, Fennel and Orange Salad.  It’s probably not a bad idea to roast the beets first, unless you like your salads extra crunchy

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