We don’t have a foosball table, a bar, or a ball pit.

What we have is amazing clients, a growing reputation, a beautiful workspace, and a sensible work schedule allowing you plenty of time to enjoy life. And occasionally, team field trips to do fun stuff together. Because we like each other, and we love what we do.

We’re small, but we pack a big punch.

Our studio has a special culture, one that doesn’t buy into the belief that we have to burn our people out to have a viable business. We support balance between work and every other facet of life. But when we’re here, we’re present and fully engaged. We love making things for a living, and we’re in it for the long haul. At Parisleaf, that means designing an agency culture that is healthy, sustainable, and grounded in integrity.

When choosing work, we rely on our values to guide us. We work with clients in various industries from tech startups to cultural institutions, but our deepest expertise is in higher education and conservation.

Parisleaf’s innovative work climate was featured by OpenWork.org, an organization dedicated to expanding the traditional definitions of work processes and conditions, so that everyone benefits. Check out the article and video here.

About Gainesville, Florida

Gainesville is a mid-sized, progressive college town. Our city is a feast of year-round outdoor activities, festivals, great food, hometown-brewed beer, awesome live music, cultural gems, and amazing local talent in all industries. For more information on Gainesville, check out www.visitgainesville.com.