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I Am MDC Day

What we did
  • Copywriting
  • Design

With their students’ dreams on the line, Miami Dade College is making sure they reach the finish with funds raised by the I AM MDC campaign. 

We were honored to work alongside the MDC Foundation to update the I AM MDC brand. During the turbulent year, our goal was to create assets with one purpose: to protect and empower every dream – one meal, one semester, one degree at a time.

Because of COVID, 2020’s I AM MDC Day campaign came alive in digital places like social media. 

I AM MDC Day stretched into a general I AM MDC campaign for the entire year. It became the representation of fundraising for the college through the pandemic. 

Dream Bold

What we did
  • Naming
  • Verbal Identity
  • Visual Identity
  • Website

Over 60 years ago, Miami Dade College opened its doors. To celebrate, we developed a campaign for them to give back to the people they’re here for.

Dream Bold is a campaign to fund the ambitions of current and future students at MDC. 

MDC has been funding the dreams of millions of people in South Florida and beyond. MDC Foundation raises vital resources to educate, inspire and uplift generations of current and future students.

Our challenge was to design a fraternal twin for Miami Dade College that encouraged the Miami community to give back.

We knew we had to create an iconic, distinctive look without relying on new symbols. MDC’s logo design has so much power that we decided to use it as our framing element and interlink it with powerful, bold imagery.

We started with MDC’s unique blue for the color pallet and incorporated two more colors: Dark Purple and Goldenrod. We introduced subtle gradients, giving texture to the new brand. 

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