Values-Driven Brand Design for a Prestigious Development Project Management Firm

By Kaley Shorter on September 14, 2016
Business Visual Identity Design

It’s invigorating to work with a company whose values align with our company’s. At Parisleaf we aim to do this in every partnership. When you truly resonate with your clients, you’ll do your best work for them. When you emanate your values through your branding, you’ll attract the clients with whom you want most to work. The PDSI branding case study illustrates how we made the most of our deep understanding of a company’s values and transformed it into a cohesive brand experience.

PDSI is a project management firm specializing in the development of hotels from the ground up. They wanted to differentiate themselves in the clichéd construction industry by rebranding and getting away from the boring white-and-blue website and design assets that so many of their competitors have.

We were inspired to help with this challenge, but when we found that PDSI shares many of Parisleaf’s same values in how they operate, we were downright excited. Knowing how much our own values have brought us desirable business, we made sure to incorporate the story of PDSI’s values into their website and give it a memorable showcase. These are the reasons their portfolio is over 100 clients strong and why 94% of their current clients would work with them again.

Here’s how PDSI’s values, as outlined on their new website, line up with ours, and how we consulted their values to inform their design elements:

Straight Talk –  We mean what we say. We’ll always be honest and upfront. Should issues ever arise, we guarantee you’ll hear about it from us first.” This parallels Parisleaf’s value of Authenticity- to ourselves and to everyone else. We incorporated Straight Talk into PDSI’s design palette by using a strong serif typeface that feels robust, but with a sense of history, for use in headlines and our calls to action. We wanted to ensure that the type choices will communicate the same honesty, experience, and straight talk as PDSI does in face to face conversations. While the headlines command authority, we made the voice clear by using an easy to read sans serif for the body copy.

Commitment –  We’re committed to being the best in our industry and we challenge ourselves to provide a level of service that’s second to none. We love what we do, we excel at our craft and it shows in our work.”  This echoes Parisleaf’s value of Passion that fuels our work. To symbolize Commitment in PDSI’s design color palette, we used a bright orange and dark red, which symbolize energy, vitality, adventure, warmth, and good health – a company around for the long term. The indigo and navy blues act as a catalyst to bring the reds alive and lend a sense of trustworthiness and fortitude.

Empowerment – We strive to provide an environment and culture that promotes personal growth. Every member of our team is encouraged to use their unique talents and abilities to the fullest, and we rely on each other’s strengths to make us stronger as a whole.” This matches Parisleaf’s value of Kindness, our actions empowering others, and Responsibility, working as a transparent team. To bring this value to life in PDSI’s design package, we wanted the visual textures (patterns) to revolve around the idea of many parts being organized into a clear, sensible system. The system of circles and squares appears both complex because of the shape and size variations and simplified by the application of color. This motif and the dynamic logo we created for PDSI communicate that they take complex problems and make things simple for their clients.

Courage – We lead with competence and confidence. We’re willing to take calculated risks, but not afraid to ask for help when needed. If a mistake gets made, we move forward and learn from it but ensure it will never happen again.” We recognized that it’s the employees that make PDSI successful and that their imagery needed to reveal their teams, leaders, and clients authentically in their environments. For their Team page, we created portraits that aren’t just headshots but rather are expressions of PDSI’s high caliber and professional approach. We wanted it to be evident that these individuals, through their work, maintain high standards in everything they touch.

Innovation – We are always open to new channels that can make us better partners. We seek, challenge and embrace new ideas to improve our work experience and create greater value for our clients.” This resonates with Parisleaf and our core value of Curiosity, which drives us to seek new ways of seeing and to avoid the safe. PDSI has a long list of happy clients and a solid reputation, so they were willing to take more risks with their design than a less mature company might have. Our use of high-contrast color and bold, offset shapes conveys that PDSI is engaged, inventive and takes control of your project to actively manage its success.

When you work with great companies with a solid foundation in values, it’s easy to do great work. For more on the PDSI project, see our case study page.

Enjoy the PDSI website, which is truly one of kind. We are proud to be the 2017 recipients of a Local Gold ADDY Award, a District Gold ADDY Award, and a Webby Awards Honoree for

Click to watch this .gif we created to showcase the firm’s values and resulting brand imagery:


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