Parisleaf’s Company Values

By Chad Paris on October 7, 2015

So what are your values?

Everyone has a value system, but company values are meant to be a rallying cry that unites and inspires teammates and solidifies priorities. When a company knows its values, anything is possible. Values form the bedrock foundation on which to build a brand or brand promise.

In true Parisleaf fashion, we arrived at our values very democratically. Each team member wrote a personal treatise on what we believe to be our core actionable beliefs and shared them with the team. We compiled a list and found connections between all of our goals. Where our dreams aligned, connections were made that began to crystallize into a tighter set of tenets.

Here are the seven Parisleaf values, accompanied by their corresponding text and imagery.

We are a team. Believers and speakers of the truth. Communication is paramount. Transparency is key. We will always take ownership for our actions. Being completely honest with others and even more importantly, truthful with ourselves.

We are considerate of others. In our world there’s always room for understanding but never for jackasses. We temper our egos and expect the same in return. There’s empowerment in being nice. How we act should speak louder than what we have to say.

We are mindful. Of others, our actions and our environment. Well-being is important. In our attitude and the hours we work. We believe life should be lived. Not something to stress over.

We always question. We’re independent spirits united in cause. Finding inspiration everywhere. Seeking new ways of seeing. And often avoiding the safe, the tried and true.

We are true to ourselves. Always real. Always honest. It’s also a quality we look for in others. An indication of who people are as people. And a barometer of those we work with and those we won’t.

We are believers. We love what we do. And we’re committed to those we do it with. Our passion fuels us. It inspires us to push and to grow. Connecting people and creating ideas to make a bigger difference.

We’re human. Taking work seriously but also able to laugh at ourselves. A lot. Making time for fun is important. It creates positive energy. It makes us better people. When we’re happy, we’re engaged and more productive at what we do.

The Challenges

To further solidify the values, an individual illustration for each one would need to be created— that would become a set of seven large 24×58 inch prints to adorn the studio walls. I was excited, but first I had to wrap my mind around the challenges and considerations. The work needed to live within the established standards of the Parisleaf brand, yet remain original and fresh. I was honestly pretty terrified of making something even remotely annoying for fear that it would slowly drive my teammates mad after years of being greeted with the same images over and over.

So before beginning, the challenges were examined. The work would need to be:

  • Original
  • Unobtrusive
  • Inspiring
  • Complimentary to the environment
  • Systematic
  • Abstract and open to interpretation

Modern Swiss design was a great place to draw inspiration from. The emphasis on clear communication, grid systems, abstract visuals and strong geometry was very appealing to me. I was most interested in the notion that each person could interact with these in their own personal way— and the precise interpretations of each image could be myriad.

I tried to simplify each value into an impression, a fleeting glimpse of color. It was important to eschew literal interpretations and focus instead on pattern, color, and movement. The illustrations were meant to be seen as snapshots, frozen images of tumbling shapes and lines. The illustrations were meant to capture the vibrancy, flexibility and energy of the team. Our strength is in our diversity; the many parts supporting the whole.

“These values are woven through the fabric of our team and serve as reminders and inspiration. When one looks at the artwork, each image has its own story, and at the same time they communicate to one another – just like our team members. Each of us is, in our own way, incredibly unique and yet, we are all collectively instrumental to the larger vision for Parisleaf.” – Alison Paris, Co-Founder

“It’s all too easy to refer to values in the abstract. The difference is now we have our values etched in stone, or in this case, multicolored inks.”

– Larry Werner, Copywriter

About Chad Paris

Chad desires to own one of the healthiest agencies in the world, and that goal fuels everything he does. Chad’s role is all about relationships and communication with clients and with the Parisleaf team. Chad’s passion lies in giving back to the community – some may call this networking.

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