Still Think College Kids = Millennials? Look Closer at Gen Z & Their Mental Health Needs.

By Kaley Shorter on September 6, 2016
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This week, I was inspired by an article on The Daily Beast to defend Gen Z, who, incidentally, keep getting lumped in with Millennials. On a growing number of college campuses, demand for mental health services is starting to exceed resources. Despite the derisive laughter this has incited, it bears investigation and the attempting of solutions like one that Eastern Carolina University has just launched, which I explore in my post.

Millennials and Generation Z share a few qualities – growing up in the Great Recession, a resulting financial wariness, and being young – but the similarities in their brands end there.

If it’s undergrad enrollees you’re after, be sure you’re marketing your higher education institution optimally to your current potential students, who are not Millennials. They’re Generation Z, and they’re here to save us from ourselves. So yes, as I unpack in the post, I think they do deserve their own college classes in how to manage themselves mentally and emotionally. 

Really, in this day and age, don’t we all? (I touch on that in my post, too.)

Enjoy the post on, and please share and let me know what you think there: Why We Should All Be Freaking Out and Taking a Class in Adulting


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