The Art of the Client Relationship

By Maria Juan on November 4, 2015
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At Parisleaf, we treat our clients not just as partners but as family members.

Our approach to projects lies within our company values, and we embrace opportunities to bring our partners into the mix of our process.

But cultivating these relationships takes more than a cute face and charming personality. We try to create meaningful experiences through each presentation, meeting, or phone call which is a unique aspect of the Parisleaf touch.

Much like our personal relationships, those in my role- project managers, client services directors, strategists, etc.- need to cultivate these relationships with a bit of TLC, personal attention, and maybe even the occasional happy hour.


Here are four ways to create lasting partnerships with your clients:

Communicate in their way.

Know how your client or partner likes to communicate. Everyone works better in their own method. Some text, some email, some may call or like to chat face to face (in person or digitally). Be sure to communicate in the way they best work. It may mean some late night text messages, but it will also show your partners that you are willing to work the way they feel most comfortable.


Invite them to planning periods.

Bring your partners in on team whiteboarding sessions and workshops. It helps involve them in the research phases, and it advocates for decisions made down the road. With their involvement in these planning sessions, there is no surprise unveiling. It also guarantees that everyone stays on the same page throughout the project.


Send a note.

Literally take a pen and paper and write them a note- not an email.  Recall your recent hangout with them, either professionally or off the clock. Or remember key moments in their personal lives- having a baby, celebrating a birthday, or mourning a death in the family. It helps personalize the relationship and shows you are always thinking of them, not just in regards to the project. Plus, who doesn’t love getting mail that isn’t junk or bills?


Be clear and concise.

You are the client advocate, so make sure that they understand the deliverables and milestones, as well as your team does. Be sure to communicate regularly and respond quickly within reason. Keeping your client as up to date as your team keeps the project moving smoothly and helps ensure that timelines are kept.


Through our company values, we have established a foundation that helps to unify and inspire our teammates- a peek into how Parisleaf ticks. In addition, these values help lay the groundwork for our relationships with our partners. We always seek clients who appreciate the approach to projects and people we’ve established. We seek to work with those who are not just hiring a vendor for services, but are searching for extensions of their organizations.


About Maria Juan

We got lucky when we snagged Florida-native Maria Juan in spring of 2015 when she relocated from San Diego. She’s the fast-talkin’, no-B.S. B.F.F. for all of our partners. Her holistic approach to client projects stems from her digital marketing experience and weekly yoga practice. A stickler for detail, she’s your biggest champion you never knew you had.

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