Seismic Shifts in Consumer Behavior: Must-Know Branding Trends for 2017

By Lisa Marinelli on January 17, 2017
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Global branding leader Landor says in its 2017 trend watch report, “A trend isn’t just a fad. It’s a longer-term shift with substance – a fundamental change that affects people’s behavior and purchase decisions.” In 2016, mobile rocked the way people interact with their favorite brands. Instead of brands’ messages muffling consumers, individuals took power into their hands to share brand perspectives, experiences and complaints. The internet has become an infinitely layered bedrock of people influencing each other and their favorite brands. Companies have realized their relationship to consumers must be nurtured through attentive listening in the digital world.

Here are nine branding trends that are shaking up the scene in 2017:

1. Chatbots

Not only are chatbots personal assistants like Apple’s Siri and Amazon’s Alexa, but these are becoming another extension of a brand. Like a salesperson, companies are using chatbots to answer consumers’ questions. Landor says, “Elements like a bot’s name, gender, appearance, and voice all influence consumers’ perceptions of a brand, so managers will need to consider which qualities to project.”

2. Strategic initiatives benefitting the environment

You don’t have to be an outdoorsy brand to practice environmentalism. Sustainability is now more than a cause – it’s a mandatory way of life.

3. Kidulting

Millennials are appreciating the flair of companies that evoke a feeling of nostalgia in their brand. From the spike in vinyl sales and record players to 90s show reruns, Millennials especially are eating nostalgia marketing up because “reliving positive memories and beloved icons from the past feels good.”

4. Health-oriented brands that allow for flexibility

Fast food companies are adjusting to this trend which affects their classic menu by featuring portion-controlled meals for the health-conscious individual who still loves to indulge.

5. Simplified packaging

Eyesores overloaded with information will be overlooked. Product recognition is eased by a minimal packaging approach.

6. Community input

Landor touches on the important role of brands to foster external and internal community. Consumers and employees possess the power to influence brand identity.

7. Advanced analytics and conversion metrics

Companies are looking for accuracy in measurement with this new technological quake. Borenstein Group says, “Cognitive insights derived from advanced analytics will help marketers better understand and predict digital behavior.”

8. Immersive content

With virtual reality and augmented reality, brands can learn from the success of Pokemon GoAdweek says, “2017 is going to mark a turning point in the way audiences interact with and consume video content.”

9. Influencer marketing

Gen Z will be aiding the renewal of influencer marketing in 2017 as brands capitalize on the digital savviness of popular Snapchatters and Youtube stars.


Consumers are like tectonic plates shifting the way the ground looks for brands. Embrace these branding trends now to help your brand survive a longer-term shift.

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