Branding is so vital to fundraising, it’s all we do.

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Money + Mission = Progress

Money is mission fuel in the right hands. Yours.

We aim to be the right hand to the right hands – through branding fundraising campaigns like yours. As your brand and digital partner, we help you reach your financial goals to fund progress. Your mission becomes ours: bridging the gap between campaign counsel and creative.

It’s how partnership works.
Establishing your brand strategy
Creating your branded collateral
Our Proven Process
We begin our process with research—conversations and document immersion.
Before we design anything we answer essential questions and build a messaging toolkit.
We use our established messaging to inform visual exploration and methodical design approaches.
The last step is to bring it all together whether it be the rules and tools or applied writing and design.


University of Denver
Nicklaus Children's Hospital logo
National Park Foundation
Catalina Island Conservancy
Northwest Community Healthcare
University of Maryland
Harn Museum of Art
Pelotonia logo
University of Florida
Greenpeace logo
USS Constitution Museum
Miami Dade College
Santa Fe College
Unity College
UF Health


This university raised over $3B dollars (and counting).

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An event to bring researchers together and put brain cancer into ReMission kicked off this $300M campaign.

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This campaign to fund the next breakthrough in cancer research led to a $20M commitment.

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A museum rebrand helped propel this $20M capital campaign across the finish line.

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A tranSFormational $40M gift kicked off a tranSFormational capital and enrollment campaign.

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Our partnership with Parisleaf is incredibly special. As a team, they are among the best listeners I’ve ever worked with. And, when they say “your partner”, they really mean it - they show up and dig in, and they unfailingly make us feel like we are their most important relationship.

Gabrielle Giddings
University of Denver

We view Parisleaf as an extension of our team — a co-brand with the ability to uniquely augment our strengths. By focusing on these strengths and an environment of co-creation, we are able to move forward with great clarity. This ability to amplify our impact is an extraordinary value-add. It is truly a new branding, marketing, and communications model for the future.

Thomas J. Mitchell
UF Foundation
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The team at Parisleaf made an enormous difference in our success, and it is fair to say that our enrollment would not be what it is without their investment in us.

Stephen Mulkey, President
Unity College
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We were looking for a creative partner who could take our comprehensive campaign style, make it approachable, and revolutionize our website. Parisleaf certainly delivered. What we now have is something truly unique in the world of higher education advancement websites, and it has already received high praise.

Jason Phenicie, Director of Digital Communications
University of Florida
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