A Different Sense of Time: Chronodiversity

Every now and again I like to step back and think about what time would be like if I were a mayfly.  Born in the morning, bearing little mayflies by the afternoon, dead by nightfall.  Does time pass more quickly when an hour is 1/24 of your entire life?  And for a rock, does a thousand years pass in the equivalent of an hour’s time?  Assuming, of course, that rocks could experience time at all. We talk a lot about biodiversity, endangered species, and the richness that the full spectrum... Read The Rest →

Cherry Bombs: Delicious (Earth-Friendly) Seasonal Recipes

This week’s featured summer fruit is… the avocado!  No, don’t be silly, didn’t you read the title?  It’s the delicate, delightful, and damningly delicious cherry.  Here are a few of the cherry recipes we admire.  Some of them are easy for a beginning chef; others might fall under the category of “aspirational cooking,” but they’re beautiful just to look at.  Either way, please enjoy! Warm Mini Cherry Pies from Novel Eats (Browse for recipes by ingredient here.) Cherry-Walnut Banana Bread from FatFree Vegan Kitchen (includes nutritional facts, and a great way... Read The Rest →

Green Beauty: Do It Right, Do It Cheap

Unlike “organic,” “FDA-approved,” and other regulated adjectives, any company can claim that its product is “green.”  In some cases, in fact, “green” may only be a reference to the product’s color.  Huzzah. Here’s a list of the easiest ways to make sure you don’t get scammed in your quest for meaningful consumer choices.  Happy hunting! What Companies Don’t Want You to Know About Green Beauty 1.  The greenest purchase you make is the purchase you don’t make.  We buy green products because it makes us feel good.  The thought process... Read The Rest →

Are Celebrities Bad for the Environment?

It’s a strange question, but maybe not an inconsequential one: Are celebrities worth it, from an environmental perspective? On one hand, we have environmental advocacy efforts from many celebrities, from Al Gore and Leonardo DiCaprio to Cate Blanchett and the Dave Matthews Band.  It’s hard to measure the impact of rhetoric, foundations, and other attempts to modify social habits on a large-scale level.  (Although this site certainly tries its best to list them all.) On the other hand, we have to consider celebrities as a kind of Super Consumer.  They... Read The Rest →

Getting Past the Sensationalism: Pets and Global Warming

“Your Pet is a Global Warming Machine,” says Utne Reader.  ”Pet Dogs More Damaging to Environment Than SUVs,” ABC reports.  The New Scientist asks,”Should owning a great dane make you as much of an outcast as an SUV driver?” Where did all of this come from?  Why is it all on the Internet?  (Well, maybe that’s pretty straightforward.)  And, most pressingly, does all this mean that my dog needs to invest in carbon credits? The answer, surprisingly, comes from New Zealand.  A few years ago, a pair of New Zealish... Read The Rest →

Plant a Tree for Free: And Other Ways to Go Green Without Losing Green

The only thing easier than protecting the environment is protecting the environment completely free of charge.  Here’s our list of Four Free Ways to make the world a greener, sparklier place.  “Like” our new page on Facebook.  Parisleaf has a new Facebook page, Parisleaf Printing and Design.  It’s bigger, badder, and bolder.  By bolder, we mean that for each “like,” we will be planting a tree in your name!  All you need to do is click.  It doesn’t get easier than this, people.

We have a World Environment Day?!?

So, funny story.  We have a World Environment Day.  Well, we had one: it was June 5th this year.  (At least India didn’t miss out: an entire week of festivities began yesterday, mingling cultural activities with enthusiastic speeches about India’s Green Economy future.) The other big news is that UNEP, the United Nations Environment Program (yes, we have one of those, too!), has just released its Forests in a Green Economy report.  Full text is available here. The state of the forests has the potential to be strong.  Over 1,600,000,000... Read The Rest →

The surface of the sun is a big blazing sunflower

In other Earth news, have you ever stared intensely into the surface of the sun?  Probably–hopefully!–not. But modern technology is a marvel.  If you love gazing at Technicolor images from the Hubble, or even if you love more earthly forms of beauty, I guarantee you’ll enjoy this short video of sunspots from Science Friday.  It’s like watching sunflowers move, breathe, and melt into pools.

How to Stay Safe in Smokey Weather

The smoke in Gainesville continues, so it’s time to ask some serious and important questions: How can we stay safe when the weather isn’t? Well, first of all, don’t go for a leisurely walk in the smog, like I just did.  That was just ridiculous. Here’s what you can do to keep your lungs healthy and clear. 1.  Stay informed.  The Florida Department of Environmental Protection provides this map of air quality in your area.  Look for Alachua County; you can see the yellow and red flickers pass over us,... Read The Rest →

Sniff sniff. Hey, what’s that smell?

Like many concerned citizens and breathers of air, we’ve been troubled by the recent smokiness in the Gainesville area.  It’s clearly a forest fire, but where is it coming from?  And why? The where is complicated: A few weeks ago, massive wildfires tore through 180,00 acres of forest in Brevard, Volusia, and St. Johns County.  Now St. Johns and Volusia are burning once again, joined by Flagler County.   All told, there are 256 active fires statewide.  We’re also getting smoke blown down from a 10,000-acre fire in Georgia. Why?... Read The Rest →

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